Permanent Cosmetics, semi permanent makeup and micro pigmentation are all terms used to describe a form of cosmetic tattooing which replicates perfectly applied makeup. They differ from conventional make up treatments in that there is a process of healing which takes up to six weeks to complete. It is important that you understand this process before deciding to have any of our procedures. Here at Enhance Permanent Cosmetics, I see every patient for consultation prior to any treatment being carried out. The process is explained in full at this time; however, as I am continually asked questions about the variations of healing, I thought it would be helpful to have a visual reminder of the whole process.

Most patients will lose 30 – 50% of the pigment implanted in the dermal layer of tissue during treatment. The reason for this is that your body is a very efficient machine. While your treatment is being carried out, this kick starts your immune system into producing lymph which is designed to try and push the pigment out, as it is not natural to your body. As previously stated, as your body is such an efficient machine, you will, on average, lose 30 – 50% of the original pigment implanted.


Given this loss of pigment, if you were to leave the clinic with brows which looked very natural in colour, then by the time you have lost the 30 – 50%, then this would leave a barely visible brow after healing! It is therefore necessary to be able to accept that for a 4 – 10 day period following treatment, your brows will likely be darker and more defined than you will be comfortable with.

As the healing period progresses, the treated area will dry and flake, leaving a much lighter and softer brow behind. While this is an initial result, there is still healing to be done! The collagen under the treated area takes five weeks to heal, and as it does so, colour will come and go. You will therefore not have your final healed result of your first treatment until six weeks later. At this point you will be seen for your “top up” appointment. As it is only at this stage that I can be certain how much pigment your particular tissue will retain, this is when we will repeat the procedure to perfect your brows and also discuss any darkening of the colour should you desire. I always choose to work “light” on the basis that I can always add more colour if necessary at your second appointment, and this ensures that if you happen to hold more pigment than the average person, then your result is still not too dark.

Having gone through the healing process once, patients are never as worried about brows being dark after treatment as they know how much pigment they will lose, and that the healed result will be soft and natural looking brows.