We are often asked why there are such variations in the cost of permanent cosmetic procedures. Why some establishments appear to offer the same treatments at sometimes as much as half the price quoted by others, or what seems, on the face of it, to be “too good to be true” pricing. Well, the short answer is this. As with everything else in life, generally speaking, you get what you pay for.

No-one wants to pay more than is necessary for services, but equally so, do you really want to run the risk of having an unsatisfactory result, especially as you will have to live with the result long term?

There are many technicians and therapists offering permanent cosmetics procedures, so how do you go about finding someone who is suitably trained, qualified and experienced enough to keep you safe, and produce the results you are looking for?

It’s simple really. You ask the following questions.

  1. May I see your portfolio of before and after photo’s?
  2. May I see your qualifications in Permanent Cosmetics?
  3. May I see your license to practice?

Any reputable technician will happily show you all three, and if anyone can’t or won’t, we would suggest looking for someone else to carry out your treatment.

We often see people in clinic looking for remedial work to be carried out following “bargain” treatments. Sometimes we can help and other times, I’m afraid, we cannot. We are often told of people having these procedures carried out without proper consultation, without patch tests being carried out or without the proposed results being drawn on first for approval. Use your consultation appointment to maximum effect; ask about your technician, their training and experience. Ask about the procedures, and how they will look before, after and during treatment. Carried out well these procedures can produce fabulous, life changing results, unfortunately, in less skilled hands, unsatisfactory results can cause heartache and be long lasting. Choose wisely, ask the questions above, and keep yourself safe. The best results may cost a little more, but undoing unsatisfactory results may, ultimately, cost a lot more!