Permanent Makeup Procedure

What are Permanent Cosmetics?

Permanent Cosmetics (also known as Semi-Permanent Makeup or Micropigmentation) are a form of cosmetic tattooing, where pigment is placed in the dermal layer, allowing us to replicate the effect of perfectly applied make up, such as brow, eyeliner or lip colour and definition.

Permanent Cosmetics can also be used in medical tattooing, to recreate the areola/nipple following breast reconstruction, to camouflage or pigment scarring and to help in cases of Vitiligo or Alopecia. For more information on our procedures, please click here.

How long do the procedures take to carry out?

Each procedure takes approximately an hour to complete.

Do the procedures hurt?

The use of state of the art equipment, together with sophisticated soothing creams ensures that, for most, the experience is surprisingly comfortable and relaxing.

How long do Permanent Cosmetics last?

A number of factors will determine how long the effect will last, those include:-

  • Your own skin’s natural characteristics
  • Whether you exfoliate over the area on a regular basis, or use creams containing Retinols or AHA’s
  • If you sunbathe without putting block on your Permanent Cosmetics
  • Certain lifestyle choices and medication can also affect colour retention

However, as a general guide, you will require a top up procedure about every 12-18 months to keep the result looking at its best.

Will I be given advice on how to look after my Permanent Cosmetics following treatment?

You will be talked through, and provided with an aftercare sheet to follow at the end of your treatment.

Will I have a consultation with Fiona herself, or another member of staff?

All procedures and consultations by Fiona Ramsay. You will have the opportunity to discuss your requirements, ask any questions you may have and agree a treatment course which suits you.