What are Permanent Cosmetics?

Permanent Cosmetics (also known as Permanent Make-up, Semi Permanent Make-up, Micro pigmentation and Cosmetic Tattooing) allow women of all ages, and increasingly a growing number of men, to enhance and define their natural features, creating a beautiful finish which will complement or even replace the use of conventional make-up.

Permanent make-up is a form of cosmetic tattooing which uses pharmaceutical grade pigments applied to the second, or dermal, layer of the skin ensuring a wonderful shadow of colour which replicates perfectly applied make-up. Unlike conventional make-up however, top up treatments are only required every 12-18 months to keep your make-up looking freshly applied!

Permanent Cosmetic Eyebrows

Permanent Cosmetic Eyebrows

Permanent Makeup is a form of cosmetic tattooing and is also known as micropigmentation. Using state of the art Permanent Cosmetics equipment, custom blended pigments specific to your requirements and differing techniques, Fiona is able to create soft, natural looking enhancements to your brows, restoring colour, definition and fullness where required. The benefits of these procedures are many, but convenience, having self confidence restored and looking the best version of you at all times are a valuable and important few!!

This process is used not only for those who wish to cosmetically enhance their natural features but also for those who wish to recreate brows they have lost through illness, medication or accident. These sophisticated techniques are used in both cosmetic and paramedical procedures.

So who exactly would benefit from having cosmetic eye brow tattooing carried out?

  • Anyone who wishes to free themselves from the necessity of daily make up application.
  • Those who have thinning or patchy brows, those who have lost fullness through over plucking or the natural aging process. But also those who have brows but simply wish to add a little more colour.
  • People who suffer sensitivity or are allergic to conventional cosmetics.
  • Those who have unsteady hands or poor eyesight and find applying make up difficult.
  • Anyone working in a “no make up” environment, and yet wish to retain the darkness, definition and colour in their facial features.
  • Patients who are receiving chemotherapy, or have Alopecia or Trichotillomania.
  • Those who have little time, but wish the appearance of natural make up enhancement 24/7!

In short, permanent cosmetics are a fabulous bonus in most people’s busy lifestyle, and acknowledged as being “THE” treatment to have amongst celebrities and media personalities alike.

Why not book in for a consultation with Fiona today, and find out just how her experience, skills and expertise would allow you to join those who have become permanently beautiful?

Semi permanent Eye Liner

There is a famous quote, “Beauty is how you feel inside, and it is reflected in your eyes, the windows to your soul.”

Whether this is an opinion you share or not, most women want to maximise the impact of their most expressive features, and one of the ways you can achieve this is by the application of permanent makeup.

Through the use of varying techniques, extensive choice options are available from the most subtle definition through the lash line, or more noticeable emphasising of your eyes with a traditional liner, all the way through to a dramatic expressive liner.

These results are a bonus in a busy everyday life, where there may be little time to apply traditional cosmetics, but are also beneficial in other circumstances. For those who find it difficult to apply conventional make up as a result of failing sight, unsteady hands or perhaps even allergy to ingredients in cosmetic products. Those who work in “clean” environments where make up cannot be worn, or those who wish to have that darkness and definition while playing sport, swimming, or while on holiday or those who are simply juggling a fast paced life and do not wish to have to think about re-applying cosmetics, but still want to look their best 24/7.

These innovative techniques may also be used to enhance the eyes of those who have lost lashes through certain medical conditions such as Alopecia, or medical treatments such as chemotherapy. Applying specialist techniques and training, we are able to create the effect of lashes helping to restore confidence and rebuild self esteem.

Join the many people who have found the benefits and freedom brought about by having permanent cosmetics applied. Enquire now, and allow us to show you how you too may join celebrities, media personalities, beauty experts and all those who have chosen to become permanently beautiful.

Permanent Makeup Lip Procedures/ Lip Tattooing

Do you wish that you didn’t have to reapply your lip colour throughout the day? Are you looking for a solution to lipstick “bleeding” into mouth lines? Those are just two of the issues that may be resolved with the application of Permanent cosmetic lip procedures.

As we age, many women find that they lose the fullness, vibrancy and definition of their lips. The benefits of the innovative techniques and state of the art equipment used in permanent make up procedures help alleviate concerns which affect women of all ages. These concerns range from fading or uneven natural colouring of the lips, uneven lip line or simply lack of symmetry and all of these concerns become a thing of the past with cosmetic lip tattooing.

These procedures are also used for paramedical treatment of scarred lips or those who may have undergone surgery to correct a cleft lip.

The results achieved range from the most subtle blush of colour through to a more vibrant defined effect. Whatever your requirements, we are able blend a host of colour options to suit and compliment your skin tone, hair colouring and personal preferences. Contact us today and book in for your consultation appointment to discuss lip procedure options that will create the fullness, colour and definition that you wish to achieve, allowing you to be the best version of yourself, not just on some days, but everyday!

If you haven’t yet discovered how permanent cosmetics can help you, call us for further information, friendly expert advice and join the many people who love the freedom and confidence these treatments provide.


Cosmetic Tattoo Paramedical Procedures provide effective cosmetic correction of the effects of a number of medical conditions. These procedures may be used to create brows for patients whose brows have been lost due to undergoing chemotherapy treatment, or to recreate the areolar complex/nipples in patients who have had breast surgery. In addition, it is possible certain types of scarring may be reduced by these advanced techniques, or camouflaged with the implantation of pharmaceutical grade pigments into the skin. These methods of micropigmentation are also used to camouflage areas of tissue affected by conditions such as Alopecia or Vitiligo.

A consultation and patch test are required to be carried out prior to any procedure taking place.
Please call for further details.